The Zeta Desktop Zeta’s desktop

BeIDE: The C / C ++ Development Upgrade The development environment BeIDE, which is already known from BeOS 5, performs its service reliably even under Zeta. For Zeta there is also an alternative codeliege.

Codeliege is a bit more modern and comfortable, but does not work reliably in the pre-version tested.

For whom is Zeta suitable?

Zeta contains a comprehensive software package. However, most programs are hardly comparable to established Windows or MAC programs, since only since Zeta started again commercial software development, since there were practically no new developments since 2000.

Therefore, I would recommend Zeta at the moment only as a secondary system in addition to Linux or Windows. Zeta is most suitable for developers because Zeta has a very good API. Most of the Linux libraries known program libraries are also available for Zeta. Thanks to ever better video and sound format support, it is also well suited as a multimedia center.


The developers of OpenBeOS have made it their mission to program BeOS as far as possible to create an open source version of the BeOS operating system.

Up to now, mainly OpenBeOS developers have come up with new drivers, some of which are also used by YellowTAB for Zeta. It will take a while until the first release of OpenBeOS.

BeFree / BEOS

BeFree and BEOS are two projects trying to develop a BeOS Linux hybrid. You want to develop a BeOS clone based on the Linux kernel.

The main advantage of this development is the enormous driver diversity of Linux, which could be used without much problem at BeFree or BEOS.

Cosmoe (New AtheOS)

The developers of Cosmoe are trying to develop a new operating system that uses the kernel of Linux, the interface of AtheOS and the API of BeOS. T

his should make it possible to use BeOS programs by recompiling even under Cosmoe. AtheOS was originally developed as an AmaigaOS successor, but has now only a visual similarities with AmigaOS.

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