There is no limit to creativity. However, on the Roblox game platform, the limit is up to 200 games(that is to be played by others).

The best part is that the Roblox developers have made the game easy to download on smartphones, tabs, VR devices with a simple click of a button. It is available for download on Windows and Mac as well. Do you want to know how to get free robux? check this guide.

So in order to start your creative side, however, firstly you need to install the Roblox player. For that the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Visit the Roblox official website and log in.
  2. Visit any game and press the play button
  3. Immediately, a Pop-up message will appear informing that the Roblox player installation has
  4. Once this process is completed, the game will automatically open.

The Roblox Studio is the basic interface from which the user can start building, designing and uploading. This is the first stage wherein the user can learn the program and the resources available for the same.

In order to create a new Game, the following procedures need to be followed:- In the blue bar on the top of the website page, there is a create button Click in Games under my creations tab Select on the option, Create new Game Choose the required templates and settings and after that click on the Create Game.

There are many themes available such as Western, Suburban, etc. By following these simple steps as detailed above, will bring the user back to the Create page. Then immediately the user can start working on the game and building it.

There is the Edit button to the right of the page. So it’s super easy to start making something immediately.

Here in the initial stages, there is an option to make the game either public or private. Some have opted for private first and after some work has been done then they have made it public. There are two options to make either the game public or private.

If made private, then there is a risk of getting all VIP subscriptions canceled.

The steps to make a public game:

Method 1

  • Click Games. After that the option of Public/Private is available. Choose the applicable one.
  • On the blue bar, press the create button.

Method 2

  • Go to game’s page.
  • Pull the settings menu by pressing on the three dots icon
  • Select the option ‘Configure”
  • Under the Privacy settings, click either Public/Private.

There are a lot of tutorials available online so that the user can not only learn from them but also connect with other developers, get updates, browse and refer other details and so on. So many who have downloaded the Roblox game and started being creative.

They have given good reviews stating that the game has helped in career development by focusing on creativity and not worrying about the financial aspects.

In other words, some college students find the game to be financially viable because they get paid for doing something they love. So let your creative juices flow.

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