6 Rarest Fortnite Battle Royale Skins In The Game

There are some cool tricks and tips to get some amazing Fortnite skins. One of them is getting through cash shop. Other method different promotions which come in twitch packs. There are five Fortnite skins that users love it worldwide.  These can be listed as follows

  • Longshot skin
  • Insight skin
  • Crack shot skin
  • Crakabella skin
  • Legendary orange

Longshot skin

This is most popular skin that is available in the Fortnite battle. The skin changes automatically without affecting the gameplay. Longshot skin is mainly used for the male counterpart. The design of the skin is pretty majestic.

The longshot skin features a soldier who is dark coloured and coupled with bandolier.  In addition the skin features sniper hood and goggles which makes it futuristic. The skin is mainly designed with the concept of urban outfit in mind. The range of skin comes in the category of recon set.

Insight skin

This skin is designed keeping the female counterpart in mind. The avatar looks really fantastic as it features camouflaged hood, black mask and special goggles. 

This skin is pretty simple and with back and slight slin. The insight skin can be purchased from the cash shop available in the method of rotation.

Crack shot skin

This skin is great outfit for winter battles in Fortnite.  The skin is pretty unique, having the head of the toy soldier at the top.  Due the crown the outfit looks taller than the other characters in the game but it is not considered as an advantage.

In order to purchase the crack shot skin, you need buy from the cash shop worth 2.000v. Judging by the recent reports the outfit is no longer available in the shop but it will available soon. So you need to keep on checking the cash shop for the next availability

Crackabella skin

This skin made for the female counterpart and it’s a very famous skin among the female players of Fortnite.  With the help of this skin the player can transform herself into tou puppet which bears some resemblance nutcracker soldier. In addition the skin doesn’t not really portray a soldier but a royalty of the Noble blood. This skin can be available from item shop during rotation.

Red nosed ranger skin

This skin debuted in Christmas 2018 and had been gaining popularity ever since. They skin has aesthetical benefit but does not have changes in the appreacnce of the player. The avatar which wears the skin features a reindeer hat and tattoo in the arms. In addition the red nosed ranger is not particular of any set and can be made available through cash shop.

Flap Jackie

 This outfit can be purchased for cash shop at 1,500 bucks. The skin id funcky and features a white dress which is gray in colour. In addition the skin features sky blue hoodie and leg stockings. Players all over world say it resemebles a scary rabit oufit but since the look is so dark they love it

Final thoughts

From the above information it is very clear that all th skins are beautiful and have their own indivisual personality. So if you are looking for the best skins in forntnight , then these skins are your answer.

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