How to cover change in Dragon Ball Legends?

Dragon Ball Legends

When ten combos are attacked in the Dragon Ball Legends, you can change the members in Dragon Ball. This can be performed by the change that can hit more than ten combos. The combo will act as the above character icon. This can be done when the icon character alters to the colour of green arrow.

The art cards will be the same even if the members are switched. The art cards will be original after the member change too. If the original character along with the ultimate card or the skill special card is present it will vanish after the modification.

The tips for change in members

The players will have the priority option for benefiting the member change. The damages done by the constant attack is very high. You will be able to decrease the damage by difference in the attribute and its effect.

When the HP is not there for characters

When there is no HP in the characters you can modify the character to avoid sudden deaths.

If utilising the rising rush the number of surviving characters will be decreased. It can lead to the reduction in the attack power.

Suitable for characters with high defense

Along with the superior attributes the defense character is really important. The data will recommend these icons in the game.


  • Name-Piccolo
  • Rarity-SP
  • Card ID-DBL01-07S

Android #17

  • Name-Android #17
  • Rarity-SP
  • Card ID-DBL03-05S

Some tricks up your sleeve

The Goku and the gang have teamed up for the new adventure Saiyan in the saga. Here are some of the tricks you can use to play the game effectively.

Take note of all advantages

Once you plan to enter into the new story or a new mission you can look at the opposing matters. You have to be determined to setup the current team. You should take time to keep the team close together. You can also change them depending on the enemy’s elements. It is good to take part in battle with many character elements as possible. When fighting in the battle you have to look at the character cons. If it has a blue arrow next to it you can throw them at the skirmish hand. If they are having a red arrow you can change the character to someone else on the go.

  • The five colours are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. The two colors are out of the main line that is dark and light. The colour red is one of the strongest one compared with yellow, yellow is strong in the scale between purple and purple is stronger than green. In these colors dark is the strongest and stronger than that is light.
  • The proper way to get rid of evil is to change the characters. If the icon of the character glows you have to make use of it to activate the special abilities. These abilities will increase the stats of the characters.

These are the important ways to use the characters in the Dragon Ball Legends.

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